Plasticos Hidrosolubles and Aiju Develop Biodegradable Wads For Cartridges

According to Aiju Technological Center team “these cartridges, fully biodegradable, will minimize the impact of hunting sport, contributing to sustainable life cycle of these products”. The project finds a solution to an old environmental issue: when you make a shot, all the components of the cartridge remain in the environment, about 50-80 meters from the firing area, what makes very difficult to recover them.

According to the Ministry of Environment and a report made by Maxam Outdoors, one of the most important Spanish manufacturers of hunting cartridges), about 3,000 of hunting cartridges are used wordlwide every year, which means 6,000 tons of non-biodegradable materials staying for years as environmental waste.

Plasticos Hidrosolubles and AIJU estimate to reduce 800 tonnes of this waste globally via implementing this innovative project, of which 200 correspond to the European environment. 


The initiative, which began last August, is funded by the European Commission within the programme CIP Eco-Innovation. The plastic wads for cartridges, manufactured with GreenCycles® formula based on Polyvinil Alcohol (PVOH), a fossyl polymer which allows you to produce water soluble, biodegradable and compostable plastic. 

Find here the original article (in Spanish).

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