Plasticos Hidrosolubles: a promising Spanish start-up with international perspective

Plasticos Hidrosolubles was founded in 2006 as a cooperation between research institutes and private owners. Working schedule is to tailor the mechanical and the chemical characteristics of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) to customer-specific characteristics.

Elena Moreno, CEO Plasticos Hidrosolubles

The products made from PVA-basis are water-soluble, biodegradable, nontoxic and compostable, and provide a high barrier against gases. “Our strength is being able to modify the PVA to meet our clients demands. With them we develop the key regarding mechanical strength, temperature resistance or the biodegradability, which is tailored of each respective application”, CEO Elena Moreno explains the corporate philosophy.

In the meantime, the company holds several patents and works together with companies like BASF. Moreno is satisfied with the company development: “In 2016 we have done a big step forward and reached a turnover of near € 800.000. This year we have already achieved this figure in May. We forecast a 1.3 Mio turnover for 2017, and assume further growing”.


Source: K-PROFI magazine (Germany, June 2017). To view the full article click here

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