The European Justice countersigns that PH SL is the owning company of “Green Cycles” trademark against the giant food stores LIDL


The Valencia based company, Green Cycles S.L. (previously known as Plásticos Hidrosolubles SL or PH S.L.) has been researching, developing, and selling water soluble material products and solutions for over 15 years under the Green Cycles brand and trademark. This material is one of the best ecofriendly solutions and with great opportunities to expand in the future thanks to effectively combining the advantages of plastics with its unique and highly valuable characteristics of biodegradability, compostability, non-toxicity and water solubility  without any kind of waste generation.

Meanwhile, LIDL is using the Green Cycle mark for waste and other products management that have no similar environmental characteristics to those of Green Cycles S.L.


The giant food stores LIDL, in a similar fight to Goliath against David, launched a judicial battle in Luxembourg arguing that our trademark Green Cycles was expired due to a lack of utilization. Notwithstanding, the European Union Justice Court has refused all LIDL’s allegations, except the one regarding the generic class of product, Class 20. The Judgment expressly mentions the very abundant documentary evidences provided by PH in regard to the trademark “Green Cycles” confirming the actual effective use we have made of the mark associated to a broad range of products and services that became the heart of its business.


This ruling is a full endorsement of Green Cycles S.L. rights using its brand and trademark, and highly likely will obligate LIDL to reconsider its strategy.


Green Cycles, S.L. goes forward with its growing and expansion plans promoting its products (hospital laundry bags, textil poly bags, wads for cartridges, fireworks items, and other high value-added products) while enlarging and improving its facilities in Valencia.

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