GreenCycles® projects

We co-create new tailor-made solutions with a selective group of partners and customers.

Most of the development projects are secret, but thanks to these collaborative model we have launched nowadays successful products as biodegradable wads for cartridges or firework cases.

One particular project brings hope to a complete new segment: new ecologycal and effective food containers. This is the case of solvent-free and compostable multi-layer film, jointly developed with BASF for its global brand Ecovio®. Our PVA film, thanks to its strong gas barrier quality, helps to protect food inside a multi-layer container, preventing of oxidation.

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Ongoing projects co-financed by FEDER funds, within the ERDF Operational Program of the Valencia Region:

GCHBWC-SOLUBRUSH: Articulated hygienic brush water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable

FAEHSBiodegradable and environmental friendly Farm Animal Eco Healing Shoe based on PVA for an innovative hoof diseases heal process

INTERNATIONALIZATION PLAN: Embroidery film, dosage packaging and 3D printing water-soluble filament, also biodegradable and compostable, GreenCycles® de PLASTICOS HIDROSOLUBLES SL (amount 18,062 euros).