GreenCycles® technology

GreenCycles® products and solutions are based on plasticized Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA/PVAL/POVH), a resin obtained from the cracking of petroleum and consequently has a fossil sourcing/origin. While dissolving and biodegrades, the product decomposes in basic molecular units, leaving no residues in the environment.

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GreenCycles® range offers different products and solutions, all of them:

  1. Biodegradable: the polymer is transformed in CO2, water, mineral salts, biomass, etc.), fully integrated into the environment [UNE-EN-ISO 14851, certified by WS].
  2. Water-soluble: it dissolves in water at different temperatures and vanishes completely.
  3. Harmless, non-toxic: natural cycles do incorporate the resulting components after biodegradation, leaving no footprint [UNE-EN-ISO 7346 and UNE-EN-ISO 634, certified by WS].
  4. Compostable: it my be transformed in organic fertilizer after a conventional composting process [UNE-EN-ISO 13432, certified by WS and VINÇOTTE].
  5. Gas barrier: its excellent blockade properties to oxygen and other gases contribute to improve biodegradable multilayer packaging’s efficiency and sustainability. 
  6. Customizable: mechanical properties, thickness, temperature, dissolution timing, formats, sizes, colors, added details, even PVA supports biodegradable printing inks.

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